Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Videos

I have some new videos from the DNC Women's Caucus up on our YouTube channel, feministpolitics. Check them out here:

and here:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Press Release: Eleanor Smeal on Republican VP Candidate

Statement of Eleanor Smeal for the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee on the Selection of Sarah Palin as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2008

John McCain just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand women voters and especially Hillary voters.

Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. You can’t attract Hillary voters and women voters with a woman opposed to what Hillary stands for. Sarah Palin strongly opposes women’s abortion and family planning rights. She is a proponent of teaching creationism in schools; a global warming skeptic, and an opponent on key environmental issues, such as protecting the polar bear in Alaska and is for oil and natural gas drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Sarah Palin stands with John McCain, who is opposed to affirmative action for women in public employment, public education and public contracting, is opposed to legislation fighting wage discrimination for women (the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), is opposed to the Violence Against Women Act, authored by Senator Joe Biden, and has a zero rating with women’s rights groups.


For press contact information, please visit

Invesco Stadium!

What a convention! This was my first, and I am unbelievably excited and happy to have been able to come. We started the day at the second Women's Caucus of the convention. We heard from Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and Michelle Obama, along with many other fabulous women legislators and leaders.

Tonight at Invesco Stadium was amazing. We managed to get great seats by virtue of arriving ridiculously early, and it was completely worth it!

I realize it looks empty in the video, but we arrived crazy early (I admit some obsessing over getting a good seat on my part). As the stadium filled up and the program began, the energy and excitement in the stadium increased. So, naturally, that meant the wave:

We heard from Al Gore, Senator Dick Durbin, Vice Presidential Nominee and Senator Joe Biden, Colorado Congresswomen Diana DeGette, and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, to name only a few. And of course, Senator Barack Obama's speech brought the house down.

As my first - and hopefully not last - convention comes to a close, I am entering a video posting craze with clips from throughout the convention that I haven't had time to share yet. Stay tuned to the feministpolitics channel on YouTube for updates!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finished with Wednesday!

Done for the night, and back at our hotel now. What a great day, though! As you know, we went to Speaker Pelosi's tea honoring women members of Congress, and then on to the Big Tent, where Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was making the rounds.

In the Pepsi Center, Senator Hillary Clinton called for Obama's nomination to be approved by acclamation when the role call reached New York.

Later, we heard speeches by President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry, along with Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth and Madeline Albright. Joe Biden's son, Bo Biden, introduced him before he accepted his nomination for Vice President. Joe Biden's speech was amazing!

Throughout the speeches, I was struck by how often the speakers touched on women's issues. Senator Biden's authoring and championing of the Violence Against Women Act was a central aspect of the evening. I hope this awareness of women's issues will continue throughout the campaign.

Check out this video we shot inside the Pepsi Center:

So, I've noticed that whatever I blog that the plan is for the next day doesn't usually actually happen. My apologies. So all I'm going to say for tomorrow is second half of the women's caucus, and then going straight to Invesco field. Hopefully it won't rain!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ellie Smeal!

We went to a tea honoring women members of Congress this afternoon. Annette Benning, Rosario Dawson, and Eva Longoria all attended, and we heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi address the amazing progress the women in Congress have effected.

We managed to catch up with our own Feminist Majority President, Ellie Smeal. Check out this update on the convention from Ellie:

We're off to the Pepsi Center now to hear watch as the delegates declare the nomination, and later hear speeches from President Bill Clinton and Senator and Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

More from Denver

The watch party was great! The energy in the room was contagious, and I felt like everyone was excited. We missed Lilly Ledbetter's speech, unfortunately, but we caught Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, among others. And, of course, Senator Hillary Clinton's speech, which, in my humble opinion, was amazing. Everyone in the room seemed moved.

And, I hope everyone caught Ellie Smeal sitting behind Joe Biden!

After the watch party, a few of us headed over to an event for Irish Americans, and then to a party for Lifetime's Every Women Counts Campaign. Here is a group of us at the Irish American event:

On the schedule for tomorrow: Women's eNews panel on the Pro-Women agenda in Congress in the morning. a Life Every Voice for Reproductive Justice event, some Big Tent blogging time, and a 10th Anniversary event for the White House Project. Good Night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Video Update from the Big Tent

Quick video update from the Big Tent. We're wrapping up here and heading over to a watch party. More updates soon!

From the Big Tent!

We started out today at the "Campaign Conversations" event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She addressed party unity, the priorities of Congress in the next month and after the election, and emphasized the role of science for growth in America.

After the Pelosi event, we went straight to the DNC Women's Caucus, which was sponsored by Lifetime. Thanks and credit for Hillary Clinton's historic run for President were given by many speakers, as well as remembrances for Ohio Congresswomen Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Rissi Palmer sang a couple songs before opening the caucus with the national anthem.

Speakers included Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria, Donna Brazile, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Ellen Malcolm of Emily's List, and many, many others. Donna Brazile was a huge hit, receiving multiple standing ovations.

After the the Women's Caucus, we took a break to eat and regroup before heading over to the Big Tent. We're off to a watch party next, but stay tuned for more YouTube videos!

Outside the Pepsi Center

Check out this video of me and Melody from NOW outside the Pepsi Center right after Michelle Obama's speech last night.

We're on the way out the door to the Campaign Conversations event, and then on to the Women's Caucus, and the Big Tent!

Michelle Obama Rules!

Today was insane, simply crazy.

I started the day bright and early with the "Campaign Conversations" breakfast panel, which is sponsored by the Politico, the Denver Post, and Yahoo! News. The topic was "Obama and the future of race in America." The panelists included House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Tavis Smiley, and author Dr. Cornel West.

Dr. West and Rep. Jackson both stopped briefly after the event to continue the discussion with Feminist Majority staff.

Later in the day, the EqualiTEA was a huge success! Hundreds of feminists gathered at the University Club in Denver. I hope everyone was able to catch some or all of the video we streamed live from the event. The speakers were all fabulous, and the tributes to Stephanie Tubbs-Jones were especially compelling. Videos of individual speakers will be up on YouTube soon!

After the EqualiTEA, we made our way over to the Pepsi Center in time to hear Caroline Kennedy's speech. We stayed through Claire McCaskill (my senator!), and Michelle Obama.

I thought Michelle Obama was phenomenal! Her speech was perfect, and I noticed she directly addressed women's issues, including equal pay.

On the schedule for tomorrow: "Campaign Conversations" again, the Women's Caucus, more from the Pepsi Center, and some quality time at the Big Tent!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

EqualiTEA Prep

Picked up Big Tent credentials today, and poked around downtown a bit.

In the process of getting everything ready for the Women's EqualiTEA tomorrow at the University Club. Excited for the great response so far. Excepting several members of Congress, as well as Dolores Huerta, Kim Gandy, and Ellie Smeal.

Be sure to catch the live, streaming video of speeches and a tribute to the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio. Include your own remembrance of this champion of feminism

Starting tomorrow bright and early with a breakfast panel discussion "Convention Conversations," being put on by the Politico, the Denver Post, and Yahoo News. We'll also be at the "Strike for Your Rights" event tomorrow night sponsored by Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom.

We're Here!

We arrived in Denver today, and spent the evening mapping out the rest of the week. More of the group will be arriving tomorrow, and we will be meeting to brief everyone on the game plan for the convention.

Be sure to follow the Feminist Majority on Twitter for the fastest updates on the convention!

Check out Ellie's statement on Senator Joe Biden's selection as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate:

For years, Senator Biden has been a champion in the fight to end violence against women. He was not only the principle sponsor of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), but he was the chief navigator and champion of the issue in the Senate. He has ensured in 2000 and 2006 the reauthorization of this act, which provides vital federal funding for women’s shelters and programs for the reduction of violence against women. This trailblazing act originally provided that a woman has a civil right to enter federal court to secure monetary damages against her abuser. Although this section of the act was struck down by a conservative Supreme Court, Biden demonstrated his commitment to empowering women and his determination to rectify injustices.

Biden has also led in the struggle for women’s equality worldwide. He is a strong supporter of the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the international women’s human rights treaty. As the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, he held the first hearings on CEDAW. Also, his leadership led to the passage of the Afghan Women’s Empowerment Act, which provided vital funding for women and girl’s schools, employment training, and health clinics as well as for the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. Biden has demonstrated that he not only understands the plight of Afghan women, but that he has also vigorously opposed Bush Administration policies toward Afghanistan that have not fulfilled our promise to Afghan women. Read More...